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Thread: Dodecagon Asymmetry Blue

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    Default Dodecagon Asymmetry Blue

    Most of you have seen Dovidu's various threads where he(?) is experimenting with machining.

    I got curious and followed the link at the bottom of the posts to

    I'm glad I did.

    The samples are for sale (as available) at very reasonable prices. I got a "Asymmetry Dodecagon" in blue ebonite. Here's a quick review.

    I know it's basically a production sample, but the machining and tolerances are very impressive. Nakaya is all about the urushi, but they're still ebonite pens. Their fit and machining are no better than this pen - it's that well made.

    It has all the properties of ebonite. Light in the hand, a feel that is peculiar to the material, and a faint smell of the sulfur/vulcanization. It's unfinished, smoothed but not polished. I like it as is.

    EurekaFP - 1.jpeg

    The section is not delicate nor slender, and the girth is on par with a 146 or M800. I like it and actually prefer it. It looked smaller in the pictures posted in the "research" threads. It has a standard Bock #6 nib, in medium, which came well adjusted.

    EurekaFP - 2.jpeg

    Size comparison with a Lamy 2000. It's a substantial pen.

    EurekaFP - 3.jpeg
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    Default Re: Dodecagon Asymmetry Blue

    Great work. Appreciated. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Dodecagon Asymmetry Blue

    Thanks for the info and link!
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    Default Re: Dodecagon Asymmetry Blue

    I just received a similar model and will do a similar write up. It all concurs with dneal's impressions - a nice pen, nicely done.
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