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Thread: Mont Blanc Boheme 3D Printed Barrel

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    Question Mont Blanc Boheme 3D Printed Barrel

    Hey everyone,
    Im new to this forum. Im not actually a fountain pen geek but ive been given a job to reverse engineer and 3D print a mont blanc boheme barrel. Ive managed to model out the main dimensions but now Im stuck at getting the exact thread information. I had a look at the UNEF extra fine threads to see if its in there but the threads on the barrel seem finer than the pitches in the UNEF data. Anyone here tried remaking a pen barrel using any manufacturing method? Please let me know. Your help will be extremely appreciated.

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc Boheme 3D Printed Barrel

    There is a fake Bohème available that has resin/plastic parts that are interchangeable with the genuine article so you might be able to easily buy one and copy those threads. I once read about it on FPN.
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