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Thread: ebay oddiites, pencil sharpener

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    Default ebay oddiites, pencil sharpener

    I came across this sharpener on ebay. I do not recommend buying it, but it looks fun and interesting. I am likely to buy both old and new equipment like this, but apart from the interesting construction, I wonder a bit about the price. I was once told by an experienced antique dealer that not everything old is valuable; value and how easily and item sells depends on various factors, but one good method was to think about what it would cost to remake it in current times and not spend much more than that. It was a general advice, but mostly directed towards furniture. There are trends, some areas of the marked decline, others pick up interest,...

    Is the marked for early 1900s writing equipment soaring at the moment? A lot of people can afford this, but I assume most would pass it. The price is similar to two iphones, or a not too expensive electric bike.
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    Default Re: ebay oddiites, pencil sharpener

    When I see it please bear in mind ebay has added 20% VAT onto it. At US $2,375.00 plus US $73.60 for shipping I wouldn't recommend anyone buy it either. As an antique novelty item it's worth something but nowhere near that sort of money. In fact once it arrived here it would likely be worth even less than the price it cost to send it.
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    Default Re: ebay oddiites, pencil sharpener

    I've managed to get myself a vintage Caran d'Ache sharpener for 20 euros or so... much nicer looking than the beaten up rustpile on ebay! Nice pencil sharpeners can go for 40-50 euros or a bit more. Thousands? hm.

    Although maybe if you could get a negoro urushi or maki-e pencil sharpener .... it might just be worth that :-)

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