For the Minecraft community in particular and gamers in general, there is a reality that everyone must admit that Minecraft is not a game with beautiful graphics. Many people even criticized it and considered it a game just for children.
The above statement is not completely wrong, however it is too one-sided to evaluate a successful game like Minecraft. Especially with the new Ray-Tracing technology from NVIDIA, buildings in Minecraft are now no different from true works of art.
Basically, Ray Tracing is a method to improve the quality of lighting in 3D environments. This method uses linear light rays traveling in the environment, combined with the properties of the medium through which they are transmitted, reflected, refracted or absorbed until those light rays reach the viewing angle of the user. camera. camera.
The real-time calculations of this method can accurately reflect lighting conditions in real environments while still complying with most of the physical rules of light. Thanks to this, the brightness and darkness of objects in the game are handled to suit the properties of that object and the nature of the environment.
Along with Ray Tracing, Shaders Mods also contribute to making paper minecraft transform in the graphics department. Simply put, Shaders Mods are external software that helps interfere with the game. Its main use is to change the appearance of Minecraft. Usually it will be light balance, color balance, adding shadow effects, creating surface shadows... There are many different types of Shaders Mods, from light, beautiful, clear Mods used in creating gameplay recording to more powerful tools to enhance the artistic aspect, arrange lighting, add natural phenomena (blowing wind, flying rain, lightning, sunlight).
In general, with these tools, Minecraft will be raised to a new level, more sparkling, more eye-catching and more artistic. It can be said that Shaders Mods have contributed significantly to making Minecraft more magical and "addictive" than ever.