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Thread: WTB: 0.094'' pencil leads (Legendaryleadcompandy?)

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    Default WTB: 0.094'' pencil leads (Legendaryleadcompandy?)

    Hi FPG

    Im looking for the 0.094'' leads which can be bough at the legendaryleadcompany website.
    Right now they dont ship to my adress and i dont know why.

    Does anyone have these or similar that i can buy?

    I need them for my Montblanc no. 11 pencil.

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards Mathias from Denmark

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    Default Re: WTB: 0.094'' pencil leads (Legendaryleadcompandy?)

    If you're willing to pay for them to go to me (Massachusetts) and pay for me to send them to you (however you want them shipped), PM me.

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