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Thread: Mail Box Nearing Max Full

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    Default Mail Box Nearing Max Full

    I think someone (Chrissy) mentioned how to handle the "full mailbox" message and the technical limitations of the site, but I've forgotten. Is there any way to delete just selective messages instead of deleting the entire contents of one's mail box? I'm hoping to keep the emails relating to pens I've bought or sold on FPG but don't mind deleting the others.

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    Default Re: Mail Box Nearing Max Full

    The only way to delete individual messages is to use the mobile app Tapatalk and access the site with that. You can then delete individual messages. What a royal pain.
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    Default Re: Mail Box Nearing Max Full

    It was me and you can't delete single messages unless you use Tapatalk. Even then they need to be fairly new messages. I think you can download some of your messages but I've never done it. There may be more info in FAQ if it's possible to do that.

    Even when you delete everything they don't disappear. But the counter is reset.

    To find your previous posts click on your avatar name on any of your posts, view forum posts, then scroll down to November 13th where you will find your original post and answers about this topic.

    Alternatively find your latest posts by clicking on your name top right when you're signed in.
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