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Thread: Stipula Etruria 14K or 18K UF nib wanted

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    Default Stipula Etruria 14K or 18K UF nib wanted

    Does anyone in the US have a 14K or 18K Stipula Etruria Ultra-Fine nib they would like to part with, either in a nib unit or as a loose nib? I tried a Bock 14K EF transplant, but it still doesn’t “feel” right, and the flow remains impeded (hard starts), whereas the Stipula steel M flows without any issues. I cleaned but don’t want to modify the feed, not knowing if I can easily replace it.

    I love the Stipula Etruria Rainbow demonstrator, but don’t like the nib width, and, as a habit, try not to use a nibmeister except when I can meet up with one at a show. (It has to do more with learning how to modify a nib properly than just having someone do it for me.)

    I am also not confident enough to grind down my own gold nib to an UF or even an EF at this time (although my attempt at an architect on a steel nib turned out excellent using a JoWo / Nemosine M nib - $7 versus $105+ is a huge jump, and not a risk I am willing to take right now).

    I am also open to any wisdom on these UF nibs, which I believe are made in Stipula’s / Globus’ factory in Italy. I’ve heard that they can be really, really good, on the order of Sailor but even smoother and with a little “bounce”. This is supposedly due to lamination, but I’m not sure how.

    I’m also looking for the older brown and clear Stipula Suprema with a piston rather than a Torricelli filling system, if the price is reasonable. I had one and let it go about five years ago and now regret having let it go. It was a fairly stout but stubby pen, which at the time didn’t seem all that practical, but now seems like something I’d use a lot.

    Thanks ahead of time.


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