For sale is a lot of 8 dip nibs, e+m two-way holder and Midori MD dip pen. They are essentially unused. I impulse bought them at JetPens and then later realized I'm not a dip pen guy. The nibs are all in JetPens dip nib sampler ( The smallest nib in the sampler set will not fit in the e+m holder. The nib on the Midori pen is set into the barrel and is not meant to be removed. $28 including shipping in the USA. I will accept PayPal or a check/money order. If you are interested, please send me a private message. Thank you.

Dip pens 4a.JPGDip pens 5a.JPGDip pens 6b.JPGDip pens 8a.JPGDip pens 9a.JPGDip pens 1b.JPGDip pens 2a.JPGDip pens 3a.JPG