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Thread: ASVINE V200 TITANIUM Fountain Pen Vacuum Filling Asvine/BOCK EF/F/M/B

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    Default ASVINE V200 TITANIUM Fountain Pen Vacuum Filling Asvine/BOCK EF/F/M/B

    Has anyone checked out the Chinese made Asvine V200?

    I have to admit after viewing a few you-tube reviews on the pen I made the plunge and am quite impressed

    It comes in a decent, not flamboyant box, inserted in foam with a plastic sleeve and comes with a wrench to disassemple and clean when the time presents it and 2 small o-rings

    I could have purchased cheaper on eBay (under $45.00), etsy, aliexpress etc. however in this case I prefer the ease of returning items on Amazon, so bought there. You have the cheaper option of going with an Asvine nib at $47.99 or you can go with a Bock nib at $57.99, which I did. It is a vacuum filler where I have not measured, but holds a ton of ink The construction in the short term I have had it exceeds a TWSBI for sure.

    I like the screw in Bock nib unit better as well. I ordered mine with a Bock "extra-fine" where after inking, the feed getting saturated with the ink (Noodlers Bad Belted Kingfisher Blue) I think it performs well! Of course like others having numerous nibs stored away I took a Bock titanium extra-fine or fine best I can tell and swapped. Not sure if it is the feed or something else, but this thing is really sweet! A tad wet (which can be adjusted), yet I find I cannot put it down

    I know some have suggested this was put out in direct competition with the Covid's, where the cost IMOP is a tad over the top. I do not have one to compare- so I'll leave that up to someone else.

    If you want an inexpensive alternative for under $50.00 - $60.00 depending on where you purchase I recommend you try one? Decent pen with a little heft, balance seems OK, I did not post- but you can should you choose. Solid clear demonstrator that is easy to disassemble and clean. I would stay away from Baystate Blue and other highly saturated inks that can stain...............

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    Default Re: ASVINE V200 TITANIUM Fountain Pen Vacuum Filling Asvine/BOCK EF/F/M/B

    I had the same question and ended up buying one with a Bock B nib:

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