Hello everyone,
I'm a newbie here.

Recently a vintage MB 146 caught my eye. The seller claims production date should be around 70's. But the thing is that I'm not sure if it's a fake one.
Unfortunately I was not able to take photos. I'm not an expert on Monblancs, so I hope I can get a bit of help by just describing some features...

It's a monotone gold nib, which I believe it should be normal for a 70's Montblanc.
I assume one give away is clip band, which does not have neither a serial number NOR "Germany" or "W. Germany" .
By searching some pics on the internet, I also guess there should be a screw inside the cap which holds the Montblanc logo at the top of the cap (am I right?). Well...there is no screw.
Writing was smooth, there was no skipping, but the nib was pretty stiff and had a lot of feedback.

I know it sounds kinda weird asking for some tips in this way. But any help would be appreciated.