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Thread: Visconti Snubbull name

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    Question Visconti Snubbull name

    I bought a Visconti fp recently, not knowing much about them other'n their spotty rep, but in this case it was from a friend & I was helping him out a bit. Anyhoo, in trying to find out more about the model (a Van Gogh Maxi), there seems to be a plethora of 'Snubbull's' associated with the brand, which raised a couple of questions for me.

    Google tells me the most-known connection with the word is some character in the 'Pokemon'[sp?] game, which I know near nothing about. Is that character what the pen model is named after, & if not, what is the connection?

    And, in the images I've found there's no discernible differences in the plain ol' Van Gogh & the Van Gogh Maxi Snubbull, so what makes a VGM a Snubbull? Can someone more learned than I please enlighten me?
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