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Thread: Unanticipated OCD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    Mine are apt to be anywhere at any given time. Some go missing for a day or two, only to turn up again. (I guess it's a good thing I never had kids.)
    I have one Parker Vector that has been christened "Perdita". Left it at my brother-in-law's house for a month a couple of years ago (thought I'd lost in a hotel on the way home at first, since when we checked with him and his wife we were told it -- and the journal -- weren't there; turned out it *was* but they only saw the ziploc bag with the book and didn't realize there was a pen in there as well. Got it back after a month. Then, just over a year ago, I flushed it out (right before leaving town for Christmas), then put it down... someplace. Tore the house apart, asked the cleaning lady and the cat sitter to watch out for it, etc. Found it in an open desk drawer months later (at least it was not sitting with ink in it for that long -- although given how well it wrote after the first time, it might not have been all that bad...).
    Most of the time I try to put any inked pens I've been using back into the cannister when I go to bed, but I'm not always that good about remembering. And the currently un-inked pens are (mostly) in zipper cases at this point. Or close enough to the dresser. Well, the two yellow Arnolds (a combo pen/pencil and a teeny pen about 3-1/2" long capped) are still in the living room. At least they're where I can see them.
    Not *entirely* sure about the three pens that my friend found (while clearing out her mom's house a while back) that she wanted me to research as to their value (and I said I'd take photos of them but left my camera at my sister-in-law's over Thanksgiving) so she can sell them on Ebay. I'm *fairly* sure I know where they all are....
    Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

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    Default Re: Unanticipated OCD

    Really, now I'm concerned about the two pens that are almost mine and are in the flow of being shipped to me. I tracked one to a nearby suburb and it should be delivered tonight. The other one coming from Japan, no tracking number yet. How am I supposed to sleep?

    Perhaps I should leave symbolic spaces in the current lineup?

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    Default Re: Unanticipated OCD

    My inked pens are grouped together and kept within reach almost always. I have to put them near my bed (if not in my bed) before I fall asleep - in case I snap out of sleep with a need to write something down. Yeah, that's rare (unfortunately, I think).

    But my cheap inked pens (Pilot Parallels, et al.) are bunched together in a pencil bag and are considered a unit (one unit -- the pencil bag). My uninked pens are in leather cases kept in other containers.

    The Lamy Joy I wore clipped to my collar to a party last night, I remember taking it off after dancing around so much (and sweating), and so that pen is still at my friend's apartment. But I knew it was there as soon as I came home and took off my shirt and noticed NO PEN!

    I don't think it's OCD so much as simple caring.
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