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Thread: Flex mod on a cheap $4 Serwex pen

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    Default Flex mod on a cheap $4 Serwex pen

    I bought this pen with a flex nib just to practise my flex writing. I decided to mod the nib to create extra flex, but the feed could not keep up and it would railroad at the slightest spread of the tines. I channelled out the feed groove a lot, but still it railroads too easily, hence my quick and dirty writing sample shows no flex.

    This pen and mod is a primer to an eventual Noodler's Konrad mod. I wanted to make sure I liked flex writing first and was able to perform a half decent mod to the nib and feed. Still, a work in progress to eliminate the railroading. So far, the flex is a bit more soft than the stock FPR flex nib.

    It also gives me a chance to practise my italic calligraphy writing. Fast and sloppy no doubt.

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    Default Re: Flex mod on a cheap $4 Serwex pen

    Your writing is very dashy indeed, I'm impressed.

    As for the flow, some inks just don't like flex nibs, so maybe it would be worth trying something else before going any further.


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