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Thread: Akkerman Inks

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    P.W. Akkerman emailed me today to say the inks would be sent out before the end of day.

    So I will update this and let you know just how long it is.

    A few detail...
    I was able to use paypal and that was nice and easy.

    PS the base shipping is € 20,00 after 3 bottles it goes up to 30 so thats why I keep saying "3 bottles" as it seem the optimum # to maximize the value and minimize the cost.

    Here is part of the invoice to give you an idea of what the cost breakdown is;
    Order summary

    P.W. Akkerman B.V. has received the following order with Order number

    Article Description Quantity Price Total price
    AkkInkt000 Akkerman Jubileum Vulpeninkt, kleur 23 Bekakt Haags 1 € 13,64 € 13,64
    AkkInkt000 Akkerman Jubileum Vulpeninkt, kleur 13 Simplisties Violet 1 € 13,64 € 13,64
    AkkInkt000 Akkerman Jubileum Vulpeninkt, kleur 10 Akkerman IJzer-Galnoten bl/zw 1 € 13,64 € 13,64
    no VAT will be added
    shipping cost (United States) € 20,00
    Total price € 60,92
    Bedankt voor uw bestelling, wij zullen uw order zo spoedig mogelijk afhandelen. Indien u heeft gekozen voor 'Vooruitbetalen' zullen wij uw bestelling versturen als u het factuurbedrag op onze rekening heeft overgemaakt.
    ING 14109 t.g.v. P.W. Akkerman B.V. Den Haag

    Payment Method
    P.W. Akkerman B.V.
    Passage 15
    2511AB Den Haag, Netherlands
    Phone number +31-(0)70-3462264
    Fax +31-(0)70-3633551

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    €20 total for such a large bottle of ink seems extremely reasonable. Given a 3oz Noodler's bottle costs GBP 12.50 in the UK...
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