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Thread: Faber-Castell Progress 66G

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    Default Faber-Castell Progress 66G

    This was the Faber-Castell flagship pen from the early 60's. The barrel, nose section, nib and feed arrangement and piston are all identical to the 55 model that I showed here Faber-Castell-Progress 55S earlier. The only real difference is the cap. The 66G has a plastic cap with an Osmia jewel on the top. The cap is also screw on, so the clutch ring is a threaded ring instead. Also, the 66G cap has no inner cap where the 55 did. As the cap is plastic, it has a larger diameter. That makes the 55 look sleeker but the 66 look bigger although capped they are the exact same length. The 66G cap, however, posts shallower than the metal 55S cap so the posted length is about 1/2 inch longer for the 66G. The other difference is the 14K nib, in this case an OM. You can see the 14K imprint with the nib installed and it also has the hidden Osmia imprint hidden on the back of the nib. Oh, and this one is maroon (officially red) and the pen was also available in black blue and green. The 66 model (no "G") also had a rolled gold cap so I guess I need to go hunt one of those down as well. Note that I added talc to the 66 imprint for the assembled pictures for clarity. I have also added comparison pictures with the 55S capped and posted.

    F-C 66 Capped.jpgF-C 66 Posted.jpgF-C 66 Parts.jpgF-C 66 Nib.jpgF-C 66 55 Capped.jpgF-C 66 55 Posted.jpg

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