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Thread: Pocket Pens - tell me about your favorite

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    Default Re: Pocket Pens - tell me about your favorite

    Hat tip to AZKID.

    I now own a red Stella 90S - the JDM Stargazer - and it’s an instant favorite. There is juuust enough of everything about it to qualify as a great all-rounder, in a small package.

    The body is just long enough that I can easily use it unposted to jot a note, and the weight of the brass body gives it enough presence to make it controllable. Posted, the balance is comfortable and easygoing, enough that long writing sessions are easy, better to enjoy the bouncy “little” nib (it’s about a #5.5-ish, maybe? Pictures coming, as soon as I take some). The nib flows Diamine Registrars just fine, and that stuff is sand! Normal-er inks flow in ripe lines. I got a Medium nib pending cursivification, and run Con-Bs in it (one IG, one not, and not to bother with all-of-that) and get to bulb flush my section! The snap-cap is quick in meetings where lots of time passes in between the noteworthy moments. Um... the clip... s’good. There. I’ve just comprehensively endorsed an out-of-production pen. I gush easy, sometimes.

    In the course of my job, I write more in a week than I do in a full year as a hobby. A good work pen sees more of my regard than most all of my life’s other tools. And, by gum, this is my new best one! Thanks, azkid, for getting me over the top on this one.

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    Default Re: Pocket Pens - tell me about your favorite

    My favorite pen for everything, including pocket carry:
    TWSBI mini AL blue with 1.1 stub nib.
    I carry it in a blue Horween ChromExcel single sleeve.
    Tomoe River FP notebook in ChromExcel leather cover.
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    Default Re: Pocket Pens - tell me about your favorite

    Right now, for my shirt pocket at work, it's my Pelikan m200 (EF). My Decimo has a stub in it currently, so it has been staying at home more. I have some smaller pens, but I have not been using them as much.

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