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Thread: G.Lalo Verge De France Souris Grey (paper is purple-grey)

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    Talking G.Lalo Verge De France Souris Grey (paper is purple-grey)

    Hello. This paper is made in France by G.Lalo.

    G.Lalo, a parisian social stationery manufacturer
    since 1919.

    Their hand-crafted stationery has been provided
    to the Royal Courts of many European countries.

    G.Lalo is well known for it's wealth of range of
    colours of their papers, plus the excellent
    presentation of their products.

    If you would like to add this paper to your writing
    collection, consider that for it's quality this does
    cost more per page, so it is not the cheapest
    paper to use for practicing or random scribbling.

    However !!!... if you would like to wow your reader,
    or receiver of your excellent penmanship, the right
    paper with the right ink you won't be dissapointed
    with this paper.

    Now with the photo you will see, please keep in mind
    that the photo taken was with a smart phone under
    hallogen light. The paper looks like a cream colour
    when you look at the image, but make no mistake
    this paper is DEFINATELY 100% purple type of grey !!.

    It is thicker than standard paper, absolutely beautiful
    to write on, it is a little bumpy so make sure you are
    writing on a very stable, comfortable surface.

    Unlike some other brands of paper the pads of 50,
    of this range the paper is the same on the back as
    they are on the front.

    It is part cloth as well, and the ink does dry quicker
    on this cloth-paper as opposed to traditional paper.

    It would be interesting to find out how this paper
    copes with scented ink. Does the frangrance stay
    longer, or is absorbed quicker?

    When I have finished testing more ink colours with this
    paper, I will post a second page of ink colours so you
    can see to compare.

    I have posted several reviews on Mont Blanc Inks so
    take a look at the ink section, please feel free to
    provide any feedback.

    Notice that a majority of my reviews are using Mont
    Blanc Pens. Some of the reviews have some Lamy
    nibs. I own about 6 pens. Half of them are Mont Blanc,
    the other half Lamy.

    Understandably that it is smoother and easier to write
    with the Mont Blanc pens, but they are more pricey.
    It doesn't imply that more pricey, should always write

    For the time-being I am just using Mont Blanc inks in
    Mont Blanc pens. I do have J.Herbin inks that I have
    tried on the Lamys, just not on the nice papers yet.

    You may also notice that my post icons have a specific
    kind of face. The happier the icon, the happier I am with
    the product I am reviewing.

    This pad of 50 cost me roughly $21 Australian dollars per
    pad, so it is pretty pricey per page. However like many
    other things, you have to pay for the quality.

    Technically speaking, since I am still a novice Calligrapher,
    I developing my own font. I have much work and years
    ahead of me before I can even get comfortable with
    my writing.

    So I 'should' be just using the cheapest white paper to
    write on as possible? Well it will not stop me using
    this lovely paper anyway, plus it is nice to compare
    various inks on these papers, to share these experiences
    with you guys is the cherry on the sundae.
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    Default Re: G.Lalo Verge De France Souris Grey (paper is purple-grey)

    Thank you for this very thorough and useful review.
    Lady Onogaro

    "Be yourself--everybody else is already taken." --Oscar Wilde

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    Default Re: G.Lalo Verge De France Souris Grey (paper is purple-grey)

    Hello lady. Thank you for the thanks, you are most welcome.

    If you are able to obtain this brand of paper, I would highly recommend it. It is delicate so when you use a pen or surface that bumps alot it will show on this paper.

    There is a rich range of colours, they do envelopes, writing sets, A5 pads.

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    Default Re: G.Lalo Verge De France Souris Grey (paper is purple-grey)

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