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Thread: Mont Blanc 90th Meisterstuck Permanant Grey Ink (Limited Edition) - 6 writing papers

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    Red face Mont Blanc 90th Meisterstuck Permanant Grey Ink (Limited Edition) - 6 writing papers

    Hello this bottle comes in a beautiful box and bottle. You receive 35 ml as
    oppposed the other limited edition bottles that are 30 ml.

    This ink tested, is a very strong lovely black when wet. Some of the
    papers dry very slowly.

    On the G.Lalo writing paper, the ink takes much longer to dry. However
    obviously feels amazing to write on. The ink does look lovelier on purple
    and grey kinds of paper than blues/turquoise.

    I wouldn't recommend using this ink on Metalllic writing paper, as you can
    see the ink dries quite dull.

    On the Fiorenza A5 writing paper and Mont Blanc A4 writing paper, the ink
    is extremelly pleasant feeling to actually write on. The ink has great
    variation dry on the paper depending whether you have just inked your
    pen or if you start to run out of ink.

    It is an excellent alternative to the standard black and permanant black
    inks. This ink has a unique character.

    Originally I was quite reserved and had my doubts regarding any grey
    coloured ink. However after testing it on so many papers, it is most
    pleasing to note that it is very black when it is wet, and as stated
    previously you have the choice of how light or dark you wish the grey to
    be on the paper depending on how much ink you have left in your fountain

    I "would" recommend this ink if you don't have any grey inks, and if you
    would like a nice change from your normal black inks.

    I would be interested to compare this to the Albert Einstein grey ink.
    Surely there will be some differences.

    Perhaps not on my list of top 3 inks, BUT... near the top 5.

    The availability of this ink should still be high as it is a relatively new ink
    (April 2014), and the batch I purchased, lasts (unopened) up to April 2019.
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