Three pencils of interest found today:
[Top to bottom]

Wahl Eversharp Mid to late 1920s note the uncommon pattern on the filler, well the pattern is not uncommon (Grecian, I believe) but the fact that it's on the filler.

Sheaffer Metal Pencil 1920s 3-1/2"

I first thought the bottom pencil was a off brand gold mechanical pencil but it turns out to be a Sharp Point. The entry in Jon Veley's The Catalog... points to Sheaffer. An early PAT APL'D FOR model with "20 -Yr Gold Filled" surface, five line group and a long cartouche offset from the clip. Seems like it should date to the late teens.

As always please point out any errors and enjoy.

In case anyone is wondering, the silver pen shown at the bottom is a Charles Ingersoll Dollar Pen.