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New 17:54
Are you trying to talking yourself into one or out of one?
New 17:58
Pens are better than many pens, maybe you need therapy.
New 06:49
good morning
New 06:50
We're trying to cool down our house ahead of 106 expected later..............and yet, I need to bake brownies for the family party
New 06:51
right now it's only 66
New 06:55
They're predicting two days of 106, then 102.... then a chilly 90
New 06:56
We'll run the A/C --- my outdoor family party Saturday might well be inside
New 06:57
We haven't had a big gathering here since Dec. 2019 (xmas)
New 07:04
I'm thinking ice cream pops too -- there will be 5 boys ages 5-11 here
New 07:05
There will be all sorts of kid-food that I normally wouldn't buy.... bbq chips for example
New 07:06
New 07:06
(I draw the line at sugary soda though)
New 07:15
some of those chips are so addictive.........the vinegar & salt ones........omg
New 07:22
New 07:23
what is KD?
New 07:27
I LOVE Mac & Cheese!!!
New 07:27
New 07:27
New 07:28
I try to limit I'm always craving carbs........... there is no pizza I don't yearn for
New 07:28
even really crappy pizza
New 07:29
I have that powdered orange cheese in my house
New 07:31
New 12:36
Lasagna sounds great!
New 12:36
but merlot????
New 12:37
New 12:45
New 12:48
[obscure movie references might only be funny if you've seen the movie]
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