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New 06:42
Goood morning!
New 06:44
I looked at my pens last night and put one to soak. About 20 to go, but only a few are IG, so I don't think it should be hard.
New 06:45
Maybe I'll even write a few lines later. It's been a long time.
New 10:07
I still look for the full flex nib
New 10:07
I use dip nibs as an alternative, only thing that works
New 10:11
The one I just cleaned was actually in good shape. I wouldn't have needed to soak it, but it's probably just as well because it had IG in it.
New 10:12
I just did a quick test this morning, and not haveing used a FP for such a long time, the flex felt really good.
New 10:13
That was the pen that I put a new nib on and had to do major adjustments to the feed.
New 10:14
I just like the flex for the feel. My interest in thick and thin is minimal, but I do like a little.
New 12:31
New 19:32 a few mistakes in it but enjoyable
New 21:04
hmm, I made one mistake early on
New 21:04
then a card showing "baroque movement" a picture of caravaggion, and I put it to about 1600, then it is corrected to 1700?
New 21:05